FAA Part 107 + 333 Exemption

Welcome Part 107!

Now shooting with drones is so much easier. The FAA recently released their new rules for flying commercial drones under 55 pounds. This is great news for productions because it streamlines the permitting process.

With Part 107 we are now allowed to have more creative freedom with our drone services. With the right amount of time we can get waivers to shoot just about any situation including:

• flying at night
• flying in certain airspaces where drones weren’t previously allowed
• flying above 400 ft in altitude

The possibilities are endless.

All our pilots are Part 107 certified and are approved for closed set motion picture filming. On top of that, we carry aviation and general liability insurance so you’re always covered.

For filming in Los Angeles:
We still need to file a Plan of Activities with Film LA so please give us 48-72 hours before the shoot date to handle the permitting process.

Section 333 exemption

A Section 333 exemption was the original way to get permitted for filming with drones. Luckily, with the introduction of Part 107, we don’t have to use that painful process anymore. That being said, we are a 333 exempt company and have 333 exempt pilots.

Send us an email or call if you have any questions or want to know more FAA guidelines.